Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and Medic Medic

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

Today I received an email from an old fan/friend of my ex-band Medic Medic.  He wrote that he was sad and could not believe that something so awesome could run so short.  About an hour later, a different fan/friend in an unrelated conversation mentioned I should move home to do more Medic Medic shows. 

Its always a good feeling when someone reaches out and says "hey, I liked what you were doing, keep being creative", so thank you both for that.  However, Medic Medic will most likely not play again.  Our time was short and sweet, which was a pretty constant theme throughout our short career.  If you've seen us you know we played short 20 min sets, with short 3 min songs, in a short amount of time, with a short little girl vocalist and 2 shorty short... oh nevermind.  Anyway, heres to you!  I have a shit ton of MM media, so when I have some more free time I'll put together a page of videos, photos and songs.  This song was previously unreleased. Written and recorded by Nico and Phil in Nico's house, Summer 2008.  "Gunship" is an acoustic song, which we did try to develop but never completed as a band.  Enjoy!

   Gunship by Medic Medic by Lakookala

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