Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moving Along

The last month or so has been slow, as it has been raining and I've been fighting this lingering and powerful chest cold.  Its always hard for me to slow down, as I always find the need to do something which is often a blessing and a royal pain in the ass at the same time.  After fighting it though, I have officially been forced to "lay the fuck down" (as my husband would say) and function like others doing things such as sleeping and eating.  Overall, I'm feeling much better and I've learned that with anything, I have to be patient. 

So it goes that, in addition to working with Patrick Joseph, at the end of April I will be heading to Brooklyn to record with Marc Alan Goodman at Strange Weather.  Which means I am cramming in a lot of home recording at the moment to decide which songs we will do!  Once again, things will be moving along and soon there will be music, and new band mates.  Looks as though everything is going to happen at once, which is something to look forward to. 

Tonight I'd like to share with you a garage band recording of my first writing session for "Finally Found You".  This is the very first song that I wrote when I  starting playing drums almost 3 years ago now, so it has evolved quite a bit.  Recorded through my laptop mic into garageband, I recorded the drums and vocals live, and then bass and guitar much later.


   Finally Found You by Lakookala

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