Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keys and Video

Lots of things to talk about today.

-In the works is a music video for "Bad Timing", which will be the first track on my upcoming EP, "Songs for ZeMean".  And by "in the works" I mean, shooting next week!

-Theohuxxx  has a meeting tomorrow with a silk screen company about the album artwork, which we will be pressing ourselves.

-The test press for my 10" vinyl should arrive in a few days.....hell yeah baby, pink and black!

-And last but not least, I have found a keyboard player, and Lakookala is officially alive in the west coast, and for the first time with a full band.

I will miss the solo days in my attic, and the crispy-punk-rock-two-piece on the east coast.  To celebrate, lets take a look at this video from Lakookala's first show.  I'd like to go ahead and thank the sound guy who insisted on putting me in the back.  I guess he misunderstood me when I said "but I am the drummer AND the lead singer".  I took it like a champ because it was my first show....but next time its gonna be a swift kick in the nuts.  Just kidding!  Or not.  Try me!

This song was co-written by Phil Blythe, the guitar player.    


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