Saturday, September 10, 2011

Countdown to Record Release!

The "Songs for ZeMean" EP will be available for digital download on October 10, which means it is officially a month away!  Each week I will be releasing a track from the 5 song EP for your listening pleasure.  I am releasing the tracks in the order of which they appear on the EP.  Here is "Bad Timing"

   01 Bad Timing by Lakookala

Also, on October 17th, Lakookala will be performing in-store at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park to celebrate the release of "Songs for ZeMean" on limited edition 10" vinyl.  There are only 300 made, and the album artwork was hand screen printed and numbered by the artist (and bandmate) Phil Blythe.  If you purchase the vinyl at the record release, you will receive stickers and also..... this poster for free!

From Slide show pics

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