"There isn't a lot of recorded music to go on yet — the five-song "Songs for ZeMean" EP, the two-song "FFU" single — but what there is has already gotten Ranalli compared to luminaries like PJ Harvey and Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker..."
Tap Milwaukee - July 17, 2013

"I just love the chorus of "FFU." I'm a total sucker for wordless vocal melodies that squirm their way into your consciousness and make themselves comfortable, and this is one of the best of that breed I've ever heard..."
Words on Sounds - July 6, 2013 

"The new single "FFU" is sexy and raw with a deep base line and killer vocals. I can not get enough..."
BBE - June 27, 2013

"Los Angeles is full of musical gems, and we have another one in-store tonight to sparkle and rock for you... Her dramatic and dark style is one to behold, so we're excited to have her (and you!) in-store tonight at 7pm! "
Origami Vinyl - June 27, 2013 

"FFU", the latest single by Lakookala, is a raw, fiery expression of bluesy dissonance that's rendered by the impassioned vocals of  Nicole Ranalli..."
Deli Magazine - June 25, 2013 

" if PJ Harvey tried to redo PiL’s Flowers of Romance... She makes some amazing choices in her sparse accompaniment–simple piano bangs here, overblown Mellotron there."
LA Record - July 27, 2012
"Nico’s solo writing unites a range of dark and dramatic styles with exceptional vision..."
Killed in Cars - Feb. 02, 2012

"..."Songs For ZeMean" has an experimental sound that easily works for me and my battered ears. It's loud and artsy and worth the small amount of time it takes to get snackin'! "

Daily CD Discoveries - Jan. 08, 2012

"...This 5 track debut EP is a primal take on the singer/songwriter genre with a raw quality that invites your undivided attention... "

Ongakubaka - Nov. 26, 2011 

"...The songs are infectious, hypnotic...."
Tom Tom Magazine - Nov. 02, 2011 

"Don't piss this woman off or she'll tie you up and torture you with awesome music!"

The Deli Magazine (print) - CMJ edition Oct. 01, 2011

"Saw an incredible show Friday night…the lead singer sounded like Corin Tucker with all the emotion, complexity, and sexy angst she could muster..."