"Hang On" EP out now!


Lakookala, also known as Nicole Ranalli, is a Los Angeles based solo artist.

Blending post-punk inspired bass, infectious vocal melodies, sparse piano and downtempo back-beats— Lakookala carries an elevated alt-punk style that is modern and bright, angry and heavy, youthful, yet soulful.

During a live show, Lakookala leads her band as a drummer/vocalist. As a multi-faceted artist she is also the writer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer of her 5-song EP, "Hang On", which will be released digitally on March 23rd, 2018.

"Hang On" is Lakookala's 3rd EP, and a unique approach at story-telling, with 5 songs that sway from heavy and a little off-kilter, to, at times, polished and airy.  The style shifts with each tune following a wave of introspective story-telling through minimalistic textures and emotionally raw vocal sequences.


Songs for the Mean - EP  (2010) 10" Vinyl & Digital Release

FFU - Single (2013) 7" Vinyl & Digital Release

Lost EP - EP (2017) Digital Only

SHELLFISH REMIX by Vermicelli Mustang - (2017)  Digital Only

Hang On EP - (March 23rd, 2018)

Photographer: (Background & Foreground) Phil Anderson Blythe

Musician: Nicole "Lakookala" Ranalli