Avant-Punk Drummer/vocalist & music producer

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Nicole Ranalli, also known by the stage name, Lakookala, is a Los Angeles based vocalist, drummer, and music producer. 

Blending post-punk drama, heavy drum beats and infectious vocal melodies, Lakookala's avant-punk style is reminiscent of NIN, Portishead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and PJ Harvey. 

Formerly the front woman of Pittsburgh punk trio "Medic Medic" (RIP 2008), Nicole "Lakookala" Ranalli began as a solo artist in 2010 as a drummer/vocalist, and relocated to Los Angeles, CA.  Now acting as a mulit-instrumentalist, producer and audio engineer, she self-produces her music and live shows with a minimal and experimental approach to create a sound that is truly unique.

Currently, Lakookala is in the studio wrapping up an EP to be released later in 2017.


Songs for the Mean - EP  (2010) 10" Vinyl & Digital Release

FFU - Single (2013) 7" Vinyl & Digital Release

Lost EP - EP (2017) Digital Only


"There isn't a lot of recorded music to go on yet — but what there is has already gotten Ranalli compared to luminaries like PJ Harvey and Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker..."
Tap Milwaukee - July 17, 2013

"The new single "FFU" is sexy and raw with a deep base line and killer vocals. I can not get enough..."
BBE - June 27, 2013

"FFU", the latest single by Lakookala, is a raw, fiery expression of bluesy dissonance that's rendered by the impassioned vocals of Nicole Ranalli..."
Deli Magazine - June 25, 2013  

" if PJ Harvey tried to redo PiL’s Flowers of Romance... She makes some amazing choices in her sparse accompaniment–simple piano bangs here, overblown Mellotron there."
LA Record - July 27, 2012

"Nico’s solo writing unites a range of dark and dramatic styles with exceptional vision..." 
Killed in Cars - Feb. 02, 2012 

"...The songs are infectious, hypnotic...."
Tom Tom Magazine - Nov. 02, 2011  

Photographer: (Background) Evita Castine @ WFSU Fest March 4th, 2017 - Los Angeles

 (Foreground) Phil Anderson Blythe

Musician: Nicole "Lakookala" Ranalli